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NOTE: The form below was created to help guide you through the quote process. While not all fields are required, the more information you provide, the better I can provide you with an honest quote.

The form below was created to help guide you through the quote process. While not all fields are required, the more information you provide, the better I can provide you with an honest quote.

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    Do you want a dynamic or static website?
    A dynamic website allows you to update the text and images yourself via an admin panel. A static website does not have an admin panel and you need to know basic HTML in order to make any changes (the most common option is a dynamic website, powered by WordPress).
    Do you want to sell products or services on your website?
    E-commerce services range from Basic to Advanced e-Commerce websites. If your intention is to sell a few products or services and offer discount coupons, Basic e-Commerce solution will be your choice. The Advanced e-Commerce solution allows you to cross-sell products and integrate custom functions, based on your needs.

      Domain name and hosting

    In order to have your own website, you will need a domain name and website hosting. The domain name is the website link you type in your web browser (http://www.yourdomain.com). Website hosting is renting space on an online computer (server) where we can upload the files needed for your website.

    If you don't already have a web host, I can find you reliable hosting for 10-50% off (included at no additional cost).

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    How many pages do you need? (E.G., Home, About, Services, Contact = 4 pages.)
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    A high quality logo (preferably as a pdf, .ai, .esp, or .psd) is strongly recommended so your website can be optimized for retina screens.
    Yes, I will provide the logoNo, please include a separate quote for logo design

      User Experience

    Would you like user research as part of the development process? If not, please explain your audience a bit below. If you have relevant statistics about the demographics of your current website visitors, refer to them here.
    What do you want your website to do? Please outline the features and functionality you'd like. (For example, an instagram feed, a secured members area, contact forms, file upload functions, newsletter form, blog, discussion forms, FAQ, e-commerce, etc.)
    List up to 3 sites that appeal to you
    This is just to get a better understanding of your taste, so feel free to include any kind of website even if it's a different type of business. You may also include what you specifically like about each site (e.g. colors, functionality, layout, etc.)

      Marketing and SEO

    How important is Search Engine Optimization for you?
    In addition to design and development, advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services are also available for extra help to ensure a high ranking across all major search engines. While all sites by ChaseJennings.com are carefully built in accordance with the latest page optimization standards, ongoing SEO also entailing off-page SEO is worth considering (depending on factors like the size of your market, keyword competition, etc.).


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    Don't worry — this information won't be used for padding your quote to max out your budget. Having a good idea of your budget for this project is only used to help provide you with a more accurate quote that stays within your budget. Even if your budget is a little lacking, there are usually compromises that can be made to accommodate it. (All prices are in USD.)


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    Please keep in mind that most developers will charge a premium for rush jobs due to having to bump other clients out of the queue when requesting priority status.

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